10 Ways to Earn Money Online from Home Without Investment


If you are a student or any person who can invest their spare time and want to earn some bucks then you have to come to right place. Here in this article we have compiled some of the easy ways to earn money online. It would be better to invest time on earning rather than simply wasting your time here.
List of some of the easy ways to earn money online.
1.       Online surveys: in your spare time you can fill out the online surveys, Research Company’s recruit’s members who can give answers to their question and can test their new products and they actually pay you for this purpose.
This take not more then 5 – 10 mins to complete a single survey
Some of the best ways to earn are Toluna, Mysurvey, Panelbase etc.
2.       Paid for searching the web: this idea is design by Qmee.com
This is one of the best, easy and reliable way to earn online, they pay you for searching in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. All you have to do it that you have to simply search, when you get a sponsored results alongside your normal search. Now for each result there is some reward attached to it. You can collect them and can redeem in your PayPal account.
3.       Online market Trading: This work can make you earn millions. Investing in stock market, today with the help to technology this has become very easy for a common man to invest in stock market. There is an online platform eToro which has a huge amount of users and offers practise accounts also.
This platform offers you the feature to track the investing strategy of other investors.
This way has some risk there is no guarantee that you will get profit, study the market well to earn a large profit.
4.       Review websites and applications: usertesting.com, this is an online platform which helps you to earn money by reviewing products. The best part is that it takes around 20 minutes and give you around $10 via PayPal
5.       “GET PAID” sites: there are many sites which pay you to complete activates which they instruct you to do. This is somewhat similar to making money form online surveys, GPT sites. All you have to do is to complete some task in order to get a good amount of money.
6.       EBooks: if you have some shorts of skills that you have mastered, let it not be with you. Share your experience and way how you learnt those skills. Write a book on the way you achieved your target and publish them in the form of e-book. You can publish them on amazon kindle. You need to pay a decent amount to amazon. And you can take the chance to publish them for free.
7.       Affiliate marketing: if you have some good presence on social media, or if you are good at blogging or you have your own website then you can go for this. All you have to do it to promote the products of online companies products, services and offers online. When any product of there is salesthrough your links you will get some commission.
8.       Clickworker.com: this is based on “internet crowd-sourcing” this is a very easy way to make a good amount of cash there are many tasks which you can do. They are work like form filling, data entry and web research and for such type of work you will get paid in cash in the PayPal.
9.       Part-time job: this is type of job you can do by taking work from online websites. These websites provides with work depending upon the type of skill you have. You need to complete their work to get paid. This concept is also known as “work from home”
Sites like trulancer.com, freelancer.com up work are sites which you can get the work.


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